Advantage of Lithium Polymer battery

 High energy density

Comparison of the different battery technologies in terms of volumetric and gravimetric energy density. The share of worldwide sales for Ni–Cd, Ni–MH, Li-ion and Li-Polymer portable batteries
is 23, 14 and 63%, respectively. The use of Pb–acid batteries is restricted mainly to SLI
(starting, lighting, ignition) in automobiles or standby applications, whereas Ni–Cd batteries
remain the most suitable technologies for high-power applications (for example, power tools ).

 High voltage
The output operating voltage of Lithium Polymer battery is 3.7V per cell that can provide three times the voltage of
nickel-cadmium(Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal-hydride(Ni-MH)battery(1.2V per cell).Moreover,reduces the number of
battery required.

No memory effect

Lithium Polymer battery has no memory effect.Unlike nickel-cadmium(Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal-hydride(Ni-MH)battery,causes charging capacity to be reduced by repeatedly charging and discharging to insufficient levels,therefore.